Organization Development Consultant Elliott & Associates Inc. Quality Therapy Center

Organizational Development Consultants (ODC) is a unique and responsive resource. Much like specialists you might call upon for assistance in other technical areas, ODC provides consultation and problem solving services related to your organization and its human resources needs.


We've carefully blended a staff of experienced professionals with the skills to provide precisely the kind of help you need, with the positive results you require. ODC offers a variety of services, designed to keep your organization and your employees healthier, and more productive. In a sense, we've become specialists in "Organizational Fitness."


With over 20 years of experience, we've had the opportunity to demonstrate the value of our services in a variety of employment settings.  Banks, social agencies, schools, colleges, universities, medical schools, government agencies, hospitals and manufacturing firms, have all experienced the positive impact of our services.


We encourage you to consider Organization Development Consultants for your organizational needs.


Despite our increasing dependence on technology, and the importance of machines and procedures, it's your employees who make things happen. People make the difference.