The consumption of fat sports ranking

The consumption of fat sports ranking

Want to quickly consume fat calories the quickest way is to exercise, Of course, the most important thing is to choose the sport, Here for everyone to share the most fat consumption big sports ranking! Sports together up!


Calorie consumption per hour: about 900. Bikini, bikini body! Diving is all the fitness movement, Diving is the most effective way to shape the body in all the exercise. Air max  It can help you create a full range of arms, chest, waist, hips, and thighs lines.

2. Paddle

Calorie consumption per hour: 500-700. Grab a paddle, jump onto a piece of wood, Trying to move to find the best spot to surf, Then slowly stood up, free to paddle in the water. This is the most popular foreign sports friends.

3. Mountain Bike

Calorie consumption per hour: 500-600. Riding fresh morning air, Ride bike clinb the hill of the the park, Then swept down, You start thinking about heart, right? Air max schweiz In addition, the bike but can be a good thin thighs Bottom oh.

4. Cross-country skiing

Calorie consumption per hour: about 500 (or more). Cross-country skiing is an extremely difficult aerobic exercise, But it is not for the faint hearted. When you enjoy downturn it is definitely a stovepipe skinny arm movement.

5. Rock climbing

Calorie consumption per hour: about 550. Called on a few friends climbing at weekend, air max 90 Not only in touch with friends and relax the spirit, you can also lose weight.


Calorie consumption per hour: about 500. Skiing let you from head to toe, every muscle to move, especially for the leg workout. However, due to the large amount of exercise, the next day it can be a bit painful legs oh.

7. Canoeing

Calorie consumption per hour: 300-350. Rafting is an excellent way to exercise the upper body than doing dumbbell exercises in the gym more fun and effects. Drifting not only can thin arms, shoulders and beauty back, you can exercise your balance.

8. Surfing

Calorie consumption per hour: about 200. Hopped on a surfboard, it is definitely an exciting experience, and can be very effective in stovepipe skinny arms.