Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation

Corporate Profile / Organization Chart



Corporate Overview



Corporate Name


-              Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation


Date of Establishment


-              April 1, 2015

                Merger of Energy Advance Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Gas Engineering Co., Ltd.




-              10 billion yen (100% funded by Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd.)




-              Kunio NOHATA, Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer

                (Senior Executive Officer of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.)




-              137.5 billion yen (FY2013)




-              937 (as of April 1, 2015)


Business Purposes


-              On-site energy services

-              Regional energy services (district heating and cooling systems)

-              Construction and maintenance services of cogeneration systems

-              Commercialization of green business

-              Planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of energy-related facilities.

-              Sales for related facilities including LNG Receiving Terminals, high and medium pressure pipelines, gas supply facilities, power generating facilities, energy utilizing facilities, etc.

-              Collection and regeneration of various contaminated soil and water.

-              Geographic Information System and related administrative work including software development and sales, construction /updating data, equipment sales, etc.

-              Various surveys /research and consulting.


Head Office


-              Tokyo Gas Building 21F, 1-5-20 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8527


Associated Companies


-              TGE (Shanghai) LNG Engineering Co., Ltd.

-              Aqueduct Mapping System Co., Ltd.

-              Tokyo Rigakukensa Co., Ltd.

-              GAS MALAYSIA ENERGY ADVANCE Sdn. Bhd. Othes.



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