stock market game

virtual stock exchange in Investfly having trade automation and stock market game with tools like advance stock screener and alerts.

Investfly brings a new way to simply create and test the stock algorithms. This company was established in 2013 to provide a smarter and more insightful analytics to the regular investor. Investfly is a very simple and user friendly system. You don’t need to have the knowledge of coding, to develop the automated trading system with simple steps. You can easily test the system, set alerts, create limits. Investfly allow the users an excellent way for  creating their own ideas and implementing those ideas and managing their risks on their own.

You can practice and test your strategies in Investfly’s virtual stock exchange game in the most simplest way. The user can earn many rewards, and get highest returns to win a cash prizes and more. Moreover, user lear to apply a new strategy in a winning situation and to apply at the real time.

At Investfly we have a mission to expose investing strategies by interactive learning and in a most comprehensive manner. We believe that online investing is fun and challenging and we want to share that fun and excitement with our users through our virtual stock market game. We just don’t teach investing strategies, but the right way of competing in the virtual stock trading games.

At Investfly you will learn the fundamentals of trading stock, bonds, currencies and many more. It is not wise to start investing in the real time stock exchange without the proper knowledge because there is risk of losing money. You can turn that fear into fun while preparing for a successful financial future with our virtual stock exchange.