Xperia E4g – the easy-to-use, speedy smartphone

“Xperia E4 brings with many features people expect of Sony to lower-tier devices. It conveys that same quality and no difficulty of use and having super-fast 4G LTE connectivity”. With simple set-up and unrivalled 2 day battery life, we believe both models symbolize value for those who want premium Sony technology and experiences often only related with high-end devices.


Get started without any wait 

Xperia E4g is made in super quality and easy rather than other smart phone, blackberry, windows devices where you can setup and enjoy the new things. Transfer app in this phone allows you to transfer contacts, photos, bookmarks, apps, music, messages and much more steadily.

Xperia E4g features Sony’s modest Android skin, but also transports the Simple Home interface providing larger icons and all your favorite apps on one screen, with those you don’t need stored efficiently away in folders – perfect if you prefer to use your Smartphone for particular functions.

Right on cue, with signature Sony design 

Xperia E4g is Sony inside and out; rounded and robust, perfect for one hand usage. Offered in classic Black and White. It retains that timeless Xperia form a precision and a cut power button, superior mirror-finish logo and stainless steel camera ring and a scratch-resistant.


Built for speed – 4G LTE and two-day battery life, powered by a 1.5 GHz Quad-core processor


Xperia E4g is 4G LTE . It means you  have the fastest news and information download, find your way using maps, check and send email, pictures and enjoy lag-free music streaming on the go.


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