Im very pleased with my Launch set up mobile phone holder

Get the Dash Mate Cell Phone Vent Holder for everyone in your family.

What a fantastic mount! Great way to mount your phone to your air vent. See my video review for details.
I have been looking for one of these for a while. Since Ibuy oppo n1use my iPhone as my GPS in my car, I needed something to hold it in place. The Cup holder wasn't working and neither was the armrest. I bought the vent mount from Cjssavings and it works GREAT! I have an iPhone 6 and it fits perfectly. It's easily adjustable to fit most phones yet small enough to be non invasive. Buy with confidence! and remember to tell your friends!
I have been through so many cell phone mounts/holders that I have lost count. I have spent $$ on some pretty fancy ones that promise to never break...and guess what....they always break! My last cell phone car holder was a mounted dash type. It worked pretty good until I decided to move it. After I moved it, it never stuck again to my dash or my window surface. I was excited to try the Dash Mate Cell Vent Holder as I had never tried any vent holders before.Pretty simple design, right? It is small, but holds the phone tightly in the vent.

These are pictures (see photos) of the mount in my husbands police car. Please excuse the all the weird looking wires on his dash. As you can see, it fits perfectly in his vent and he likes buy meizu mx4 pro that it is small and out of the way. He has a lot going on in his vehicle and having a small vent mount like this is just what he needed. I tried to use it in my vehicle (Hummer H2) and was unsuccessful. My vents are round and the mount will not fit these type of vents. The directions/packaging does indicate this.....but I gave it a try anyways.

I like that this mount is small, lightweight, sturdy, and works perfectly! It has strong teeth and does not come off the vent when releasing the stays put. Don't spend $$ on a fancy/bulky car mount holder that will break in a month....