Accessories of a bus duct

Bus duct is characterized by a series of supporting accessories with small size and large capacity. And today, cable tray manufacture China will share you get to know its accessories.


The insulating support is an integral part for supporting a conductor of the bus duct. The mounting plate is for supporting the various elements, which is suitable for the plates installed in the complete sets of equipment. The mounting frame is used to support all the parts, which is also adapted to be mounted in a framework of complete sets of equipment. The shell is to protect the equipment against certain external factors. In fact, to buy best cable tray China should contain all the necessary accessories, because we know that large equipment is made of some small parts which play a role for the functions of the product. The protective conductor is electrically connected with the following components in order to prevent shock hazard.


However, it needs not to list all the parts of a bus duct. What should we know is the importance of the accessories. As a perforated galvanized cable tray wholesale from China, we have found that the competition between the cables and the bus duct has been severed than ever before for the development of construction projects.