how to chase your girl back

A relationship hard-won, the right people can not make the event. When we are emotional problems, we tend to be very impulsive, but

The impulse of the devil. Emotional problems, need to calm down and really think about, you need to change yourself how to recover your her.


Restore is an art, and now I am beginning to say how the brothers chase back!

1. Your self-worth: In fact, a lot of brothers to understand the value of this thing, saying that high handsome, rich and tickets, but you have

Money have tickets, but there are still more money than you have tickets in. So the brothers self-worth is that I value now have, or I now

The value is not high, but she was able to see my future high-value, which is a lot of people say that the potential of stocks. It is now worth not very

One way to high brothers, reflects a sense of the future. Valuable brother is the embodiment of value, but not to teach you to go to the girl that she buy

Like, ask her to dinner anytime!

2. Your frame: a frame is very important when one is the brother of high value, but not the frame, only for girls

Buy this buy that buy sexy dress, she's happy to Bo, then brother, you still low value, just started high economic value only, to attract girls

Force enough. Your framework needs to be kept on a holding to what extent? The extent depends on your own, that they want to see you

What play is a prodigal son type, Imperial type, or a poet type.

3. Your image: Your image is very important, when you show your worth, but your image is the Cock wire, or you do not meet

Value, then the first impression will give the girl you're cheating on her, so you need to change the image.

Well, that's what I said to the three brothers, and now I talk about how specific to the brothers to re-use these three to come here.

First, the change of self-worth, and some brothers and low intrinsic value, so you give your girl look futuristic;

Second, change the frame, when your value is she saw, you can not go in her frame again, you take her into your

The framework will follow you, not you followed her;

Third, the image, a new image, a new image is very good, when you change the image appears in front of you things

Achieved, then in front of you and causing a new attraction, as long as you do after, then you basically have succeeded, because she

Not that you are the original contact, but rather a new you, but she did not know a know people know, this is a big

A sense of curiosity.

Summary, when emotional problems, after which there is no break in before, you need to safeguard this love, the specific words, I am here

If, if really unlucky, then you broke up. First, the first thing is, first calm down, do not give her crazy

Phone calls, send text messages, this is useless, just broke up, her attitude towards you is still very disgusted, you have to give her a cushion of time.

Incidentally, at this time, to enhance their own good, so after three or four months, you can begin to chase up.