When Do You Require A Chartered Engineer Certificate

Professional engineers are called chartered engineers in many countries. These professionals are those who may work as freelancers in various fields such as industrial work, inspection, maintenance of heavy machinery etc. A chartered engineer is usually a certified member of an engineers’ association or board. Many certifications require the professional to have five or more years of experience in the field along with adequate degrees and qualification. Chartered Engineers are entitled to issue suitable certification for the import and export various machinery and their parts and related licenses. Companies looking to export machinery and spare parts seek the certification of these professionals who administer thorough inspection and validation processes before awarding certification.

Inspection of machinery

Some applicants look for certifications of advanced license which may include Export Promotional Capital Goods license, consumption certificates, duty drawback statements, utilization and wastage certificates and those for manufacturing process, certificates required by banks, financial institutions or customs and excise. It is essential to obtain a Chartered Engineer Certificate to export used machinery and its parts to several countries. A chartered engineer inspects used machinery thoroughly before its shipment. He furnishes his opinion regarding the condition of the machine, its balance life, original and current market value of the machinery and its spare parts, etc. in the form of a CE certificate.

Certificate for customs clearance

It is obligatory to produce this certificate at various stages of the exporting process like customs clearance. Acquiring a Chartered Engineer Certificate is mandatory, while importing or exporting any equipment or machinery that is rebuilt, refurbished, used or second hand. The process of obtaining this certificate is not a hassle if the company contacts a reputed and established agency of chartered engineers. The engineers from the agency will issue an original certificate that is duly stamped and signed on a letter head of the agency after inspecting and valuating the machinery or equipment thoroughly.

Skills of a chartered engineer

A professional engineer who is entitled to issue a Chartered Engineer Certificate should have the ability to develop suitable solutions to any kind of problem related to various engineering fields. He should be adept in employing existing or new technologies and innovate wherever required. He should have a keen knack for creativity and alterations, according to the demand of a situation.They are also expected to introduce efficient and novel techniques for production and concepts for construction, marketing and management.They also possess good interpersonal skills and commercial and technical leadership abilities. In addition, he is supposed to have appropriate qualification and experience in any field of engineering.

A Chartered Engineer’s (CE) Certification is required to export old or used Plants and Machinery to India. It is mandatory to produce during customs clearance for such goods in India.