LUKE 19:29-40

This is a familiar story to us. It is about the Palm sunday, where Jesus rode on a donkey to Jerusalem. Jesus neverr chose to ride on the donkey, he was fulfilling a prophecy made in Zachariah 9:9-10 " rejoice grweatly, daughter Zion! shout, Daughter Jerusalem! See, your King comes to you righteuos and victorious, lowly riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey..." These people were anxiously waiting for this new King who will be able to bring peace since they have been fcing a lot of tribulations and suffering from a Roman Empire and they expected this new King to be powerful to conquer the nation and make therm peaceful.

I think this new King should have used a horse having the picture of these people in mind. Do you know why the donkey and not the horse? horses mostlyb are used for warfare. note that there are some characters in the Bible like Solomon who rode on donkeys for peaceful purposes. Jesus was not going for any war instead he was going to proclaim peace and healing to the nations and the donkey being mostly a calm animal was besat for.

why do people had to remove their cloaks to spread them for Jesus? well, as I have mentioned earlier, these people were tired of the tribulations they have been facing. for them to remove their cloaks, they were surrendering to to the new King, the new rule and leadership; knowing that he is Mighty and powerful than others. actually, they were revering to him to restore their peace and they were ready to serve him.

Now I want to put this story and bring a different context. In our world or life now, who is the donkey? have you ever thought of who the donkey could be? Or, we are also waiting to see Jesus coming riding on a donkey.

Well, you and I are the donkey. Yes, we are the donkey carrying Jesus Christ and taking him to nations.Now someone is asking me, how possible is this. i don't know how to put it exactly but all those who proclaim that Jesus is Lord and Saviour, are the donkeys. It is after believing in him and accepting to be set free, you become a donkey. Now you know who the donkey is if you were not aware.

Again, note hat it was the donkey that stepped on the cloaks and not Jesus, but it was Jesus who was honoured and praised not he donkey. (verse 38-39). The people saw jesus and not the donkey, but how many times have we made ourselves be known or seen and not Christ in us? or, do people see you or Christ in you, do they see a donkey or Christ? yes, it is possible for people to see you and not Christ in you. imagine, you are church elder, choir member, mam or dad of a fellowship doing unimaginable things untill people question your salvation/christianity, will they be seeing a donkey or Christ in you? How many times have we done things that we may be seen, that our presence be recognised, I mean most are the times we do things to seek attention of people intead of making these people see Jesus in us, if we are to boast , let us do in Christ.

Therefore, we whom are are called by his name and made His children, have a humble task, that we may carry the Prince of Peace to nations, that we may desire to live in Christ that he may be seen in us and people revere him, that we may make him be known to nations and that we humble ourselves for him to be glorified.

We are made " wainjilisti wa KUTAFUTA watu kwa Kristo na sio KUTAFUNA watu wa Kristo"