An Essay Dedicated to the Side Effects and Illegal and Legal Uses of Anabolic Steroids

Discussion abounds around side effects when a well-liked professional athlete is recognized by the news media as a user of anabolic steroids. Reports of this issue go back for while and is nothing new of note. A while ago, a well-liked professional football player died of a tumor in his brain. He admitted to using anabolic steroids throughout his career. His cancer, he explained, was due to his use of steroids. Particular methods aside, the use of steroids to aid in the performance does not make sense. What comes now is a grave talk about the side effects of anabolic steroids.

We all understand that professional sports, including American football, are very hazardous in several ways. We are not yet able to recognize all of the users of steroids. It is wise to note that a great number of upper level athletes, including those involved with football, have ligament and tendon injuries. We do not mean anything with this utterance. Ligament injuries are all too commonly associated with steroid usage. There is a simple explanation for that, as well. Though the muscle fibers become enlarged and stronger, the ligaments and tendons are left unaltered. The breaking of a rubber band that is drawn too tightly can be used as an illustrative example. A problem associated with rapid muscle creation due to steroid abuse can be understood with basic mathematical tools. The over-growth of the muscles can actually start to cause other physiological problems. Joints and bones may have nowhere to go due to all their space being taken up by engorged muscle tissue. Therefore an interesting problem arises that the athlete must now deal with. But this is what the high level athlete may have to deal with among other issues. Abuse of anabolic steroids leads to a curtailing of benefits. More broken bones will be experienced with this type of case.

Other serious liver problems associated with anabolic steroid use include tumors of both benign and the malignant variety. Patients that discontinue their steroid use can literally cause the benign tumor growth to go backward once the steroids are no longer being taken. Athletes that use anabolic steroids have been shown to have cancer in the liver or hepatic carcinoma. Dealing with these byproducts is terrible, unfortunately the condition can worsen with different elements. Very often the symptoms of these serious problems will go unnoticed for quite a while. Condition such as liver tumors, and other liver dysfunctions, will not be detected by normal blood test indicators.

Plainly, dangerous effects can come from the abuse of anabolic steroid use. Certainly there are several factors that the bad effects are dependent upon. Even understanding the inherent risk to them medically, athletes will still ingest these steroids because of the perfect performance dream. Several of the side effects on the liver have been looked at today. Unfortunately, there are more side effects are just as dangerous. Keep in mind the risks of steroid use will extend to a number of bodily functions because they impact organ systems.