Facebook Hack Advice

Having your Facebook account hacked is bad news, but there are many ways to protect yourself from getting hacked.

The best way to keep your information safe online (whether it's Facebook, your email, bank accounts, etc.) is to learn how hackers get their hands onto your personal information.

Hackers can use your Facebook credentials to spam your friends, write embarrassing things on your wall, lock you out of your account (and more.)

A hacker can get access to your Facebook account through a number of methods. By learning these methods, you can do a lot to help prevent against both identity theft and embarrassment.

Check out each of the methods hackers use to get their hands on your Facebook account and find out what you can do to stop cheat mutants genetic gladiator gold them dead in their tracks.

The keylogger Facebook hack is a very easy way that people can get access to your information. This method utilizes either hardware or software called a keylogger (or keystroke recorder) which is installed onto your computer. It works by "remembering" everything you type on your keyboard.

Keyloggers usually save the information you type into a text file which can be sent out over the Internet to the hacker.

This is perhaps one of the scariest methods of hacking because every word you type, not just on Facebook, is sent out. If you visit your bank's website, check your email, and log in to PayPal, while a keystroke recorder is installed on your computer, all this information might be in someone else's hands.

Keep in mind that keyloggers are not solely used for malicious activities. For example, employers often put it on company computers to ensure that employees are working (and not playing on Facebook.) Parents might also put a keylogger on their home computer to ensure their child's safety on the Internet.