XM versus SIRIUS

The notion of Americas greatest two satellite-radio joining forces has been up in the air for almost four years. Even though XM had a years start, Sirius returned to the market, sooner or later with both companies sharing the market in half. So, whats to choose? XM or Sirius?

First things first. XM and Sirius are based on the same rule, all of them giving music, media, activities, and so forth. Url contains further concerning the inner workings of this enterprise. On the routes, but, every service has its ups and downs so we shall try to examine it in this present article. If you think you know any thing, you will maybe desire to compare about intangible. A careful analysis demonstrates XM Satellite Radio supplies a total of 136 channels, twenty-one are weather and traffic based channels, where two are premium channels (Playboy and High-voltage) and seven are sport-dedicated ones. On-the other hand, Sirius offers a total of 119 streams, the premium streams perhaps not being available. Lets have a closer look now o-n two music and information - of-the groups that the two main satellites are fighting.

Music streams assessment

The number of music channels that both services offer is pretty much the 65 on Sirius and 68 on XM Satellite Radio but the difference isn't in the number, but in the music genres that the receivers offer. To discover more, please check out: shortwave broadcasts.

Music Years

XM is the overall champion in because you can pay attention to the music, service not available on Sirius giving the music by decades. Still, you are able to tune in to the 90s hits alongside the current hits on Sirius Satellite Radio, which is an interesting feature.

Music Country

Journey em cowboy!. You are able to pay attention to country-related songs on both Satellites, even if youre not a cowboy. Common country or country strikes can be heard along with alternate country or country combinations, the past two functions being available only on Sirius Satellite Radio. Regarding the number of streams that both Satellites provide, XM offers Sirius offers four and a total of five streams, the winner in this type being XM due to the quality and the quantity of music being played.

Music Steel

Sirius and XM Satellite Radios can just only offer you rock and roll, on numerous 1-4 streams on XM and 15 streams on Sirius, if you're searching for sex, drogs, and rock and roll. Clicking listen to shortwave radio online perhaps provides cautions you should tell your cousin. The stone subgenres can be found in a large number to the stations, overall each service being very strong in this group.

Music - Latin and Dance

You can do that o-n both Satellites, hearing one of the six streams provided by Sirius or four streams provided by XM, if you wish to boogie. Be cautious though, since you can be a clubber fanatic! And if youre strong enough, the Latin place stream, Mexicana and exotic music revenues really can drive you mad. XM Satellite Radio along with Sirius Satellite Radio supply three streams.

Music Other genres

Regarding other types, both satellites really look up with their status, giving hours of hours of audio, from Classical to Jazz, even Urban (Sirius element). Both areas offer top quality tunes, making it worth all of the money.

Media Channels Contrast

Allows skip to another interesting topic, media. CNN, FOX, CNBC, Bloomberg, MSNBC and additional news stations are now being offered for listening in numerous languages. The number of streams is again near-by, XM offering a number of 1-1 information streams, not like Sirius, which offers 13.


Their very difficult to say which place is way better, XM and Sirius being tied musically in sports and news, Sirius holding the side. To produce a little laugh, if you're a fan of Stern go with Sirius, if you like Q&A go XM. Anyway, its hard to say which one is much better, but, exactly what do I say is that both Satellites are worth investing in.


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