The Surprising Solution to Varicose Veins and Spider Veins


A Painful Hereditary Condition

Varicose veins and spider veins are both caused by the pooling of blood in the surface veins from leaks in the underlying, deeper veins. When the blood isn't circulated properly as the heart beats, how to contact garden of health publishing gravity causes small amounts of blood to settle in surface veins, distending them and turning them into reservoirs rather than conduits.

While spider veins are rarely uncomfortable, varicose veins can be quite painful. People with varicose veins often complain of aches and that their legs tire easily. By the end of the day, a person with varicose veins is often exhausted. Elevating the legs can help but it doesn't solve the underlying problem. Although some people have no symptoms at all, many suffer pain and skin discoloration. Bleeding, sores, swelling and phlebitis is not uncommon for a person with varicose veins.

Surprisingly, these conditions have been found to be hereditary. They usually show up as young as the teenage years but can strike at any time.

A Simple, Painless Medical Solution

Treatment for these conditions has certainly come a long way since the days of checking into a hospital and getting your veins "stripped", followed by a long recovery period. New techniques and medications have made treatment for these vein problems not only less expensive but painless and convenient. Sclerotherapy, or injecting medicine into the veins, cause them to go back to normal. It's a pain free procedure done under local anesthetic and afterward the patient can drive themselves home or even to back to their job after the treatment!

The benefits of such therapy are immediate and patients report instant relief. As well as being able to be as active as they wish, patients love the way their legs look after treatment. Once again, their skin is smooth and beautiful as it was before they were afflicted with spider or varicose veins. Walking is no longer a chore and stairs are simply a way to move around again instead of the equivalent of climbing a mountain. Many women find that they enjoy wearing skirts and dresses once more instead of covering their legs with pants.

You Can Enjoy Life Without Varicose and Spider Veins!

There are some cases where surgery is required, but Sclerotherapy is usually the treatment doctors choose. It is safe, painless and covered by most medical insurance. Most of those people who have undergone the treatment find themselves wondering why they put it off for so long when they could have been enjoying life instead of suffering with their condition.

There's really no longer any reason to suffer with varicose veins or spider veins. A simple visit to a doctor's office can end these conditions and leave one with healthy, beautiful legs that enjoy life instead of restricting it.