To Use Tool Or To Not Use Tools


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As of recent, I had a much heated debate with a psychic reader claiming that reader's who do not use tools are more accurate than those who do use tools. Here is where I stand on this subject:

Psychics who claim to not use tools are completely lying to you. And if they aren't then they aren't true psychics. Readers who don't use tools are playing games. Childish games. Guessing games. Never pay a psychic who doesn't use tools! A no-tool psychic will scam you and take your money. A no-tool psychic cheat mutants genetic gladiator gold only wants to make a fast buck. They are not going to tell you what you want to know.

Always go to a psychic reader who DOES use tools! Why? Here's why:

A reader who uses tools are getting a more detailed, in-depth look at your situation and at your future. Tools prove accuracy!By using tools, a psychic will tell exactly what to expect and when to expect it

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