Packer also named strapping

Packer also named Binder, a packer. It is using a rope wrapped packaging, and self-tied tightly knotted machine, packing generally utilized for bundling lightweight items. Divided automatic and semi-automatic balers balers, portable baler points. Baler principle is to use a strap wrapped around the item or packaging, and then tighten both ends by melting or thermal effects employing packages including withholding material connected machine. Baler function is so close for the plastic band is often bale surface, make sure that packages in transport, storage isn't due to binding isn't powerful and scattered, whilst also bundling tidy.(


Automatic balers series products have reached continuous and trusted strapping, plastic tape snapping surface on the package, the joint firm, machinery electrical security, working noise smog, which don't influence the well being of operators.


Automatic balers (rechargeable balers) principle and characteristics: the usage of brand packer technology, is developed to manage the entire double-circuit, additional steady and trusted than standard single circuit handle overall performance, dual-circuit control makes the machine electrical board inside the load decreases, packer runs among each circuit structure navigate more steady. We, as balers manufacturer, functionality is more superior, far more reliable high quality, testing and debugging easier and practical to retire using a clutch first photoelectric manage. The totally automatic baler works by tension, heat capacity, cutting, gluing full package. Skilled balers use of plant production, regardless of the size of packaging, usually do not adjust the machine to become packaged, packaging packer can be a mechanical structure, balers some imported parts, following the blade is stable and trusted, uncomplicated to adjust, packer reasonable value.

(tape dispenser)