The Benefits of Foot Massage to Alleviate Headaches, Migranes and Body Aches - Raleigh Nail Care

Recently I had a client who was serviced with a pedicure that involved me providing her with an intense foot massage during her pedicure service. She mentioned to me that she was suffering from a severe migrane headache-and just earlier that day she had received a full body massage thinking that this would help ease the tension or stress in her body that she felt was causing the headache.

While performing the massage part of the pedicure, she mentioned to me that all of a sudden her headache had disappeared instantly! I was very pleased that she recognized the benefits of reflexology and the benefits that it offers for total body relaxation. The anatomy of the feet along with proper touch can truly create an euphoria for the whole entire body. The feet are the foundation and "energy" of the body. Your feet and hands are extensions, receptors and gateways to all the internal organs within.

Foot massage and reflexology is nothing new. It has been practiced as a therapeutic medicine to treat illness and heal since the beginning of time before modern medicine.

Foot mapping is the practice of trigger pointing areas of the foot to treat areas in the body that are in need of healing or for stress relief.

The next time you are suffering from a headache or simple body ache, you may want to consult with a holistic practioner or pedicurist skilled in foot reflexology therapy. This could very well be all you need to alleviate your pain.

Please note: this article is not intended to replace the general advice of your trusted medical provider, but simply a means to provide options in an alternative manner for non-life threatening pain management.