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Corporate long-term development and expansion of its own strength inseparable, deep internal strength winning side can make moves. As a research-based company dedicated to LED display control system of high-tech enterprise in research, development, sales and service, focusing on the industry as a whole solution for high-end and leading-edge research and development of advanced technologies.

Focus on industry trends, make forward-looking LED display products(agape)

With the popularity of 3D concepts, many companies have begun to focus on LED 3D applications on the LED display in Guangzhou ISLE exhibition will also see a lot of companies played 3DLED display slogans.

It is understood, 3D LED display is mainly used in active 3D, compared to the polarization type and naked-eye, active brightness, 3D effects and perspectives have great advantages. Introduced:. "Now more and more 3D cinema, but that is a 3D polarized 3D, it is to use light to do over the visual difference, proactive 3D effect his departure is a great put forward last year Later, in September Light Fair in Shenzhen exhibition reaction is particularly large, up to now, doing 3D projects or majority of government programs. In addition, similar theater project, the control card manufacturers, we are also trying to promote theater using 3D LED screen. "

Clearly on a 3D display has been made certain achievements, however, are not just satisfied with this. When the small spacing began sweeping the entire LED display industry, the resolution of doing more and more big, 4K, 8K display gradually this world, then you want to display splice put forward higher requirements, which, first proposed LED workstation concept. LED workstations appear to break the fragmented nature of the situation in the industry products, will integrate the desired LED display products(led traffic sign) of the project, such as control systems, processors, etc., to solve the customer do display project needs "patchwork "status.

Some professionals, said: "I have always believed that the ultimate direction of LED display industry is getting higher and higher integration, interoperability and more, use it more and more like I have a simple LED workstation in hand with. On a screen, everything is buttoned up, and by the control system manufacturers to do the LED display that he can achieve the best results. "

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After years of development, the development of LED display industry gradually on the right track in the way of moving forward, and this process, the integration of acquisitions has become the inevitable road. For the future development of the industry, he said: "LED industry is bound to strike when the TV channel, feeding frenzy, the merger will be more and more, the 2015 annexation area larger, and ultimately the formation of several big brands. "

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