Can this phone be used with Metro PCS

I have no idea? Nor how to discover that out?
Yes it does, if its new and not Renovated as far as I know. Bought this new, and it does have a complete 1 Season assurance from LG that includesmeizu mx5 pro Areas and Work.
As far as I know, being its a cellphone, it does not be eligible for a their Prolonged Replacement/Warranty strategy, at least the choice never revealed up for a classification when I tried to buy one, mostly Equipment, and factors like that.
As to figuring out, if you have the entrepreneurs Guide, its right in there. oppo mobileOtherwise, deciding upon up at LG's web page and applying with your item is how you also find ou.I based my own very quickly with Simply simply select the lambda icon to obtain the apk then set up it on the cellphone (unknown resources must be allowed) and then run it.After cheering, get SuperSU apk from Search engines PlayStore.I use it on Close relatives Cellular, it will continue to perform on METRO PCS as well.It's revealed so most other systems that also is sim credit cards. Just need the APN to your system.Discover it on Search engines. metro is possessed by tmobile, yes you can use it provided that the cellphone is unocked....only and easy mobile.