Best cat litter box.... Cat Shelters’ Sad Fact

I visited a cat shelter and found a horrible fact. According to the volunteers, many of the cats in the shelter are not strays, they are housecats which were tossed by the owners because of hygiene problem. Some of these cats did not like their litter boxes, but some others are pure victims of owners who don’t want to clean.

Automatic litter box

These ex-owners are clearly living in caves. There are things called automatic litter boxes. And they are not new. We can choose the most popular and reliable products. lists some best automatic litter boxes. These litter boxes are perfect for busy or lazy cat owners. No need to put your cats into a shelter (which may end in euthanasia) just because you are too lazy to scoop.

Knowing the best litter box for your cats is important. However, the most important thing is to understand that cats are living creatures. If you don’t want to deal with the feces and urine, get a stuffed animal or a virtual pet.