The Best Place to Put Cat Litter Box

I decided to purchase one more manual litter box recommended by I only have one cat, but I always think that one box is not enough. A friend told me that the correct litter box formula is the number of the cats + one = the number of litter boxes. I asked him how I should place the new litter box and he gave me some good advice.

Quiet and peaceful

Cats need some privacy to do their business, just like us. It will be a mistake to put a litter box in the same room where the kids run around and play. Noises will startle the cats and they will not be comfortable to use the litter box.

I always put the litter box in a quiet and peaceful place. I place the box in a rarely visited room so the cat feels that it is her private bathroom. 

Separate place

I live in a two-story house. I have put the litter box in the first floor so my friend told me to put the new one in the second floor. Putting the new box next to the old one will look like one big box for the cat. It is no use. According to my friend, putting the litter boxes in separate areas will help the cat to find their bathrooms faster..