smile facing all

Day and we are not owed anything, so there is no need to always grimaced. Day full of gratitude to deal with, at least, it gave our lives to the livelihood of our space.
Smile is an attitude to life, and with wealth, status, not necessarily the contact situation. Perhaps all day worried about a rich man, but perhaps a poor feel comfortable: A disabled person may safely philosophical; a smooth situation people may frown, a living person may meet with a dilemma smile ......
A person's mood affected by the environment, which is normal, but you bitter face, a Kudachoushen attitude, on the situation will not be any changes, on the contrary, if shallow smile to the day, that adds affinity, others more willing to contact with you, the timing will get more.
Just feel a sunny person, the actual ability to feel the sun, even if one were often suffer gravely from that day how boast Jiao? Day is always a mirror shine is our image, when we cry, crying the days when we smile, the day also smile.
Smile from the heart, calm, neither make fun of the weak, nor is strong flattery. Smile when flattery is a fake smile, and the mask is not lasting, if there is opportunity, they will be removed the mask, revealing the original features.
Smile no intention, either superiors or the doorman, that smiling face is the same, smile is the respect of others, respect for life together is. Smile is a "reward" of interpersonal relations as the balance of forces on the physics says you how other people and how you will, the more you smile to others, others of your smile It will be more.
After misunderstood others, can choose rage, but also able to pick smile, smile general strength will be even greater, because the smile will deter other's mind, which was revealed to the broad-minded air from the other person that a small, ugly .
Qingzheziqing, muddy those from the cloud. Sometimes too much explanation, the debate is not necessary. About those vexatious, deliberately defamatory, give him a smile, and the remaining thing let the time to prove better.
In those days, it was always said that Einstein's theory is wrong, and that there one hundred scientists from testifying, Einstein knew it, only faint smile, said, one hundred? To so many people? Just to confirm my really wrong, a man in his early will be fine.
Einstein's theory has stood the test of time, and those who let a smile defeated.
Smile from the heart, you can not pretend. Maintain the "Smile" mentality, life will be more boast Jiao. There are twists and turns in life there is defeat, there is a misunderstanding, and that is normal, to the day in a Tandoor, then the first should be cleared hinder mind. Smile essence is love, know how to love, will not be trivial.
Smile is the best life business card, who do not expect upward with a philosophical brothers who pay it? From a smile can give a sense of determination, but also give others a sense of determination and very well inspire potential.
Between brothers smile is the best language, a natural outpouring of smile, worth a thousand words, either the first time met worth mentioning, no matter whether long acquaintance, smile can narrow the gap between people, and the other of each other room feel warm.
Smile is a virtue, and is a very important virtue, the essence is affectionate smile, is encouraged, it is warm. Real people who know how to smile, always made more simple than others of the opportunity to succeed is always simple.
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