Choosing The Amazing Crystal Awards for Business Success

Choosing The Amazing Crystal Awards for Business Success


Today we will discuss Crystal Awards and how they differ from Glass Awards in particular.


Best3D Crystal supply custom award shapes, created in a range of materials, the main ones being Crystal, Glass, Acrylic, Metal and even Timber, but awards at the corporate level are usually Crystal, Glass or Acrylic.


The Crystal that is now commonly used is actually High Density Optical Glass,( K9) which is made from a very pure material, under great heat and pressure, so there are rarely any bubbles in this high clarity, high quality material. It is this clarity that resonates so well with corporate clients. These Crystal Awards look full of class, can be designed with bases or canbe free standing. The use of water jet cutting enables unique shapes to be created, adding a whole new dimension to crystal recognition awards.  This material is also available in other colours, blue, green, amber, purple and red, but not thicker than 12-15mm.



Black is the exception and is very effective in providing a contrast as a base for a clear or coloured corporate award crystal award, especially when couples with 2D or 3D laser imaging.



This K9 material does not have any lead oxide content, like traditional European Crystal, so it’s refraction of white light differs from the traditional material. K9 lends itself very well to the use of 2D and 3D internal laser imaging, as well as surface engraving or printing. It is created in large ingots, about the size of a loaf of bread, which can be cut to size, whereas glass awards are processed from sheet glass, so the thickness usually available is from 6 to about 20mm.


The glass material used for awards is often referred to as Jade Glass, because of its green colouring, which is caused by various impurities being purposely left in the glass during its manufacture. One of the advantages of this material is that the green tinge does provide a great contrast to highlight any engraving. Surface engraving will appear white or frosted,so the contrast provided on green glass can be very appealing, because the thicker the glass, the deeper is the green colouring, so when thick, bevelled or facetted as part of the design, they really do stand out.It is however, not as effective for 2D and 3D imaging.



Best 3D Crystal have been designing and processing these materials for many years, no need to “cut corners,” seek their guidance and advice about selecting the best material and design for your needs. They can create a unique design, from concept to presentation, in any material to any budget and quantity requirement.


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