Fighting Acne with Ahaglow

Acne is a result of clogging up of pores in the skin leading to bacterial action and subsequent infection and inflammation. There are several reasons pointed out for this problem including diet, stress, dust and pollution, genes, excessive oily skin etc. Whatever the reason maybe, this issue can cause irritation in the body and can pull down the confidence levels of most people affected by it.

Contrary to the myth that this problem affects only teenagers, people in their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s are affected by the sudden onset of acne. There are few basic steps in curing acne.

  1. Heal the already occurred pimples
  2. Prevent further occurrence
  3. Reduce oil secreted
  4. Heal scars
  5. Keep clean and fresh

Refrain from doing all these points stated below. It just makes the acne worse!

  • Pinching, rubbing off, squeezing pimples
  • Using harsh chemicals
  • Over exposure to dust and pollution

This is not a life threatening problem. It can be cured and the effects can be reversed easily if caught at the right time and when the right products are used.

AHAGlow face wash is already a well known product in the market. It has been effectively proven to cure acne and keep body healthy and fresh. Manufactured by torrent pharmaceuticals, it contains aloe vera, Vitamin E and Glycolic acid in right proportions to keep an acne free body.

The following are the properties of AHAGlow rejuvenating facewash:

  • Contains Glycolic acid that is the best fighter against acne and oily skin
  • Regular usage of the product helps maintain an even and clear skin tone
  • Non-comedogenic in nature meaning it doesn’t clog up pores
  • Slows down the spread of pimples and over time, heals pimple scars
  • A small quantity is enough for complete wash each time
  • Paraben free and hence is safe for regular usage
  • A pleasant fragrance that lasts long
  • Gently moisturizes body due to presence of aloe vera and Vitamin E

This gel based product can be used for mild to acute acne and has helped thousands of men and women alike to obtain a clear skin tone.


  • Take a small quantity of gel on your palms
  • Rub them together to get lather
  • Apply on damp face and gently scrub all over the affected area
  • Wash thoroughly and pat dry

This face wash is gentle enough for everyday use and over time will help clear up skin reducing superficial wrinkles, dark lines and dark spots and improves texture and tone.

Acne can affect people randomly at all age groups. If your skin is naturally oily, start taking precautions in controlling excess oil and wash face at least twice a day. If you experience sudden on burst of pimples/ white heads/blackheads etc. consult a doctor and start treating them while they are in the early stages. 

Since this product contains glycolic acid, experts’ advice the users to try a patch test in a small area first before using it regularly. In case of any excess dryness/peeling of skin etc. stop using the product and consult a dermatologist for further advice.