Keeping Your Shoes In Tip Top Condition by Charlotte Bleasdale

So youve found those elusive shoes that make you go weak at the knees every time you take a peek, but if you want that warm fuzzy feeling to last then youd best make sure you take good care of those perfect shoes other wise they wont stay looking so fabulous. If theyre leather they can start to crack and if theyre suede theyll stain easily, so here link here is some useful advice on protecting and looking after your shoes.

Leather shoes need particular attention, as its a skin it needs to be hydrated and nourished just like our own skin otherwise it will quickly show signs of wear. Use a soft rag to clean the leather and apply a special leather cleaner and condition and leave to dry. Dont use a polish too soon, its best to wait until youve worn them a few times and then use a wax-based product for the best results. Remember to go for one thats colourless or the same colour.

As suede is more fragile than leather its important to take more care of it. Dont use wash polish; buy a cleaner designed especially to be used on suede shoes and always use a very soft, slightly damp cloth to clean them with. To be told about essential guide about rajasthani jewellery as well as on online jewellery store, look at these superb blogs.Synthetic materials are also more fragile than real leather so use a damp cloth or a gentle brush with polish. As patent shoes easily mark you should use a sponge and soap water to instantly remove stains, while youll also find cleaning. This author gives revealing resources regarding watch this and even on online jewellery shopping india.products specifically for patent shoes.

With any type of footwear its also important to waterproof them if they havent been already; this will not only keep them watertight but will also prevent them from staining easily too. Youll find lots of different waterproofing sprays available on the market that make is so easy to waterproof latest jewellery designs your shoes and boots, while a stain resistant spray will provide extra protection.

Here are some more quick top tips for sprucing up your shoes including some quirky ones toosometimes the old housewife tales are the best ones!

A rub of sandpaper will make soles less slippy while talcum powder will help a sticky sole

Leave orange peel in smelly here is the link shoes overnight and theyll smell fresh the next morning

The inside of an orange rind will also shine up black leather and for brown leather use a banana skin

A good steam over a hot kettle will work wonders for suede shoes

If your boot zips are getting stuck simply run a lead pencil down and theyll run smoother

Stretch tight shoes by stuffing with potato peelings and leave for 48 hours

If your laces are fraying hold them over a match or lighter to fuse the fibres back together

Dont attempt to dry a wet bag with a hairdryer or place it near a radiator; stuff it with tissue paper and leave in a warm, aerated cupboard

Storing your shoes is also vital to protecting them. Most people simply throw their shoes and boots into cupboards without thinking about the damage that can be caused. The best way to store your shoes is to buy shoe storage boxes or bags that have been specially designed for different styles of shoes and boots including flats, high heels, ankle boots and knee boots. Clear shoe storage boxes are especially useful because you can see which pair is in which box and some women even love to showcase their shoes for all to see in these clear boxes!