The application of jade fiber in the textile industry

Jade fiber has good flexibility and excellent moisture absorption, which has attracted consumers attention to a large scale. We are a China fiber supplier now, and what we are going to present is the application of jade fiber in the textile industry.


As everyone knows, jade fiber is a new fiber with the adoption of nano-technology. The most important feature of this fiber is the combination of the luxurious texture of natural fibers with the practicality of synthetic fibers. The products made by jade fiber contain woven and knitted fabrics. In term of functional fiber products, what consumers concern most is about the functions of the products, which is also the top issue that should be solved. At the same time, cross-modal of cotton fabric can produce high-end garments which is comfortable and smooth. If combined with milk fiber, knitted products are soft with moisture permeability. 


Of course, high quality cool jade fiber can also be used in the production of clothes, gloves, underwear and pajamas as well. Our company specializes in chemical fibers and viscose fibers. All the materials are natural with sound prices and high quality.