What Are the Various Effects Smoking On Our Health

There were times when intellectual group of people used to sit together, smoke and plan about the upcoming times. They used to enjoy cigars and pipes with each other. Smoking was related to a bonding of a society. Even in some of the south East Asian countries like India

  • Damaged respiratory system: from your windpipe, voice box to your lungs, cigarette smoking can affect all the organs present in the respiratory system. People, who smoke on regular basis, have reduced lung functions. They cannot do heavy work or walk long distance due to breathlessness. The tar present in the smoke chokes your windpipe, affecting the convenient airflow towards your lungs lemon vape juice. Moreover, your lungs cannot clarify so much carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide present in the smoke, thus increasing the carbon dioxide levels in your blood, affecting rest of the organs.
  • Weaker bones: chemicals and heavy metals present in cigarette smoke can affect your bone density, over a period of time. It can make the bones and teeth weaker best tobacco flavored e juice. You might have seen smokers suffering from brittle bones, osteoporosis, and yellowing teeth.
  • There are several other effects of smoking on your skin, eyes, and muscles. People who smoke a lot have early aging signs. Wrinkled skin is quite common in them. If you do not wish to suffer from all this, then switch to the healthier option right now. Buy health friendly e cig from Longmada and say good-bye to all negative effects of smoking.

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