I’d like to talk about chiller my mother, a born chef. She’s a doctor at a local hospital, but gourmet food has always been her great interest. She’s been cooking for the family for 30 years now and she has many water chiller specialties. Born and raised in Guangdong Province, my mom has learned many typical Cantonese Industrial chiller dishes while she was growing up. Of all the regional varieties of Chinese cuisine, Cantonese is renowned both inside and outside air cooled chiller China. Cantonese cuisine draws upon a great diversity of ingredients as Canton has long been a trading port. Besides pork, beef, and chicken, Cantonese cuisine incorporates almost all edible meats, including organ meats, chicken feet, duck tongue, snakes, and snails. However, screw chiller lamb and goat is rarely eaten, unlike in cuisines of Northern or Western China. My mom is good at cooking congee with lean pork and century egg, sweet and sour pork, steamed frog legs on lotus leaf and all kinds of soup, including spare rib soup with watercress and apricot kernels, snow-fungus soup, etc. Her cooking tastes so good it feels like eating the Cantonese air cooled screw chiller dishes cooked by real chefs at a top-class Cantonese restaurant.

1. The person who is good at cooking and impresses me most is my uncle. He went to a chef school to study how to cook at a very young age. After ten years' working in a water cooled screw chiller large hotel kitchen, he opened a small local restaurant with his wife, who loves cooking as well. My uncle specializes in seafood cooking and he enjoys cooking for the whole family. In every spring festival, we each family member will have low temperature chiller dinner together and of course, it's my uncle who prepares delicious dishes for us. 

Among all the dishes, I like spicy lobster most. Through its unique flavor and wonderful taste I can feel both my uncle's water cooled glycol chiller enthusiasm for cooking and his care for families.

2. Well, when I saw the topic, it suddenly occurred to me that my mom is the best at cooking of my 

lifetime. She learnt cooking by watching her mother cook when she was little, just like every other 

low temperature srew chiller little girl curious at everything that their mothers do. Moms are always beautiful and virtuous, and 

good at anything we can think of. I always remember that at a spring festival eve, she by herself 

made all the dumplings for low temperature screw chiller family dinner while we others are busy decorating the house. She alone 

prepared the fillings, wrappers and made all the dumplings within less than two hours. At that 

moment, I heartily felt that's the kind of low temperature water cooled screw chiller woman I wanted to become in the future.
(By xiangwanlu19**)
3. I'd like to talk about my daddy, he is the best heat pump water chiller cook I have ever seen,and he often makes delicious