Can There Be Prison Time On A Very first DWI Refusal In New Jersey

Can There Be Prison Time On A Very first DWI Refusal In New Jersey

Can I Get Jail Time On A First DWI Refusal In NJ?


When you go through New Jersey Statute Annotated 39.4-50.22, it is distinctly stated that there is no compulsory jail sentence for a very first DWI refusal in New Jersey, but severe punishments and charges are in the offing. You can be arrested for DWI. You may be asked to take a breath test. Surprisingly, the law clearly says that the officer on duty is unable to compel a person to take the test. You are able to turn down the test, and still, you are totally free.


One factor you should clearly keep in mind is it is possible to be charged, and persuaded to take a breath check, even though you are not driving a vehicle. The police arrest or the refusal no matter the reason does not result in mandatory prison term. There might be a situation where the person who owns a vehicle hands over the steering wheel to another individual, that is under the influence of alcohol. In these instances, the owner would be accountable for consequence in New Jersey regulations.


Exactly what are the punishments for declining DWI


Before getting into penalties, you have to know the procedure through to the examination when you are arrested. After you give your approval for a breath check, you will get a copy of the results. Just in case, if you aren't very sure of the outcome from the examination, or not contented, then you can ask for an additional breath check. You have the right to choose a medical practitioner for an extra test.


The outcomes for refusing DWI can lead to severe fines. It can well result in a 7 month suspension of your license, as well as a fine of up to $500 in the first refusal. Once you turn down DWI for the second time, the consequence becomes significantly harder. You could lose your permit for a period of 2 years, and a subsequent fine of up to $1000.


And if you still refuse DWI for the third time, you will not be able to drive your car for the next ten years. Though, the fine continues to be only around $1000. You are hence, suggested to stay in touch with New Jersey DUI Attorney in order to save yourself from the shame of charges and suspensions.


DWI tests are essential in New Jersey


You can't avoid the state regulations, that clearly ensures that the assessments are compulsory. So now, why will you decline the test if you are not drunk? The state prosecutors will run through the court trusting and making their case tougher by revealing that you skipped the examination since you believed that you were drunk, and the examination would prove it.


Even if you aren't drunk, however when you turn down, the laws have enough in it to frame a lawsuit against you. Legal representative Matthew Reisig has been at the forefront handling many of the baffling DWI cases, and giving state prosecutors a bad time. It’s important to understand a person that is an expert in DWI so as to be out from untidy scenarios quicker than you think.