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The five-star Monte da Quinta Resort, situated in Algarve, Portugal, is set within the Ria Formosa Park and it is part of the Quinta do Lago Estate.It houses a number of hotel rooms and large exclusive town houses and villas offering luxury lodgings and lovely sprawling gardens.There are additionally planned activities and a number of services offered to you and your family, including communal and personal swimming pools.The Monte da Quinta Resort is located inside the Quinta do Lago private estate.There are large villas and town houses offered for hire inside the resort.These individual spaces provide you with access to their personal swimming pools as well as their vibrant gardens and supply you with air conditioning, maid service, daily breakfasts, and more.{You can choose a two or three bedroom town house or When you reserve your stay you will have your choice of a two or three bedroom town house or a three, four, or five bedroom villa.{There's also the magnificent five star Monte da Quinta Hotel that hosts 132 suites.|In addition to the personal lodgings there is also the five-star hotel that maintains over 130 suites.|You may rather stay within the Monte da Quinta Hotel that has 132 accessible suites.|When you reserve your stay, you might decide that you'd rather stay in one of the 132 suites available in the fivestar hotel.|Of course, you might determine that one of the 132 fivestar hotel suites within the Monte da Quinta Hotel will be the better option.Available with two or three bedrooms, these suites appeal to small families.Throughout the resort you'll also find a wide range of establishments including a fitness center, a beauty salon and spa, a kids club, and more.There are also premium restaurants, boutiques, and sports activities.You will also find a coffee shop and different swimming pools for children and adults.There is also a beach within walking distance from the resort.You can also catch a shuttlebus which will take you from your resort to the beach so that you can benefit from the exotic shores and consider a swim in the sea.In an attempt to appeal to more people and provide better prices, the resort has combined forces with Design Holidays.As the resort's travel affiliate, Design Holidays was also asked to operate the resort's official website.When youare ready to book your stay in the Monte da Quinta Resort, you can contact the scheduling team on 01444 87 2200 and commence planning your trip.You may also lookup more information and book your trip through the resort's website. Check us here