Three Aspects Need to be Considered In Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

After buying your dream wedding dress,it's time to select dresses for bridesmaids! If you're having more than one, it will be a challenge to find right dresses, because their different body shapes and tastes. Here are a few helpful suggestions that you may wish to consider.


Getting a colour that works for all of your bridesmaids as well as fitting in with your colour scheme can be tricky. Don't worry, there are options:

- Universal colours such as purple, teal or turquoise work with all colourings. Although quite dramatic colours they can be toned down with accent colours in the accessories.

- Neutral colours such as charcoal, stone or pewter also suit most colourings. You can then bring in your colour scheme with the accessories such as shoes, belt/sash, corsage etc.

- Try to wear different shades and tones of one colour. If you want gitls to look pretty in pink bridesmaid dresses, you could choose right one from pink shades. For example, if someone has very warm colouring, a coral or salmon pink would look great on them; if another has dark or clear colouring, then they will look better in a fuchsia pink.

- If you want to be really different, let all your bridesmaids wear completely different colours, just like rainbow. So your girls can choose their favourite and suitable colours.

Body shape

All of your bridesmaids will have different body shapes, try to choose bridesmaid dresses in safe styles, like one-shoulder a-line or empire dresses. The two styles are either suitable for thin or large size. But I think keep the bridesmaid theme by having the dresses in the same fabric and colour scheme is a best way. Let them pick a style that suits them individually. The whole effect will be far more sophisticated and stylish.


It can be a nice touch to let your bridesmaids personalise their dresses by choosing their own accessories and can be the difference between them feeling slightly uncomfortable or really themselves.

It's your day and you also want to your friends feel great and have a happy crew behind you on your day.