Spam And spammers Hunters

I removed 145 spam articles using one of my websites today. Luckily I've reasonable comments turned on so that they never really get published. That produces the spammers bad, but thats the worst trouble spammers have caused me.

However those that supposedly are our Spam saviors. Those who say they're fighting junk have caused me more problems as opposed to spammers...

Sometimes I don't know which people are the worst. Those that junk or those that say they're seeking spammers.

I wiped 145 junk posts on one of my blogs today. Fortuitously I've moderate responses turned on so that they never actually get placed. That produces the spammers poor, but thats the worst irritation spammers have caused me.

Nevertheless those that allegedly are our Spam saviors. The ones that say they're fighting spam have caused me more problems than the spammers them-selves. provides your domain name as a junk domain name if you are already published o-n or near the same IP address since the spammers. Therefore you are guilty by association.

To really get your domain name eliminated away from's list, you've to provide them money. Looks a lot like extortion given that they personally add you to the number then ask you for cash to be eliminated.

Then obviously they tell you that they give the money to charity. I tested the charity they say they give the money to. I-t goes to a legal defense fund if you sued them they might use to guard them-selves. Some charity.

Twice now has caused me spamconvenience. They've locked me out of one of my own blogs and one I manage for a consumer because their spambot said it could be spam. I found out about cheap kalatu blog scam by browsing Yahoo. It also says that when you are a human reading this information then of-course I'm not likely a spambot and they'll correct the problem. To read more, we understand people have a glance at: blogging network.

They did this even though on that blog they require me to typ-e to the little field whatever crazy characters they've in the little image to make each article on that same blog.

Half the time the little picture isn't even there. Which means you can not type the little letters in-to the field as the little letters don't exist. So just how can they use that solution to be sure I am not bombarding, then flag it as a junk blog?

Nevertheless since I receive money to blog daily on the client's blog, my lack of income, that I am sure Google won't compensate me for, is merely that lost income as a result of spam fighters.

They did this today for the client's website. They are researching it they say. Like to note that website? Head to It is maybe not spam.

After the blog was created by me the very first time it happened was 1 day. This dynamite study kalatu review website has a myriad of compelling cautions for how to study this view. It had exactly one post in it. Wow, what a spammer I am. They blocked me from logging-in but sent me a very great email, which I had not decided in for, saying they would be pleased to examine that weblog also. They also offered a nice link to where I can fill in a form to request an evaluation.

They sent me, when I followed their good link within the e-mail, (perhaps not spam), it asked me to sign in using the user-name and password that THEY HAD ALREADY BLOCKED ME FROM USING!

In order that blog needed to be rebuilt elsewhere. Again, I've had way more trouble from junk fighters than I ever have had from spammers. Well, thats all for my argument. Now I've to see if I can get the little picture below to load so I can see what silly characters I have to type in to the field so you can see this post.. In the event you hate to get further about partner site, we know about tons of resources people should investigate.