Best online trading account in India

People have always been sceptical about trading, they say it is neither a profession nor a hobby for the masses. Only the smart and the wise can pull off the trick called Investment. Well, this notion itself is a myth! If a person can understand what is trading, know-how’s and the ground rules, he will be all set to play the dice on his own. Trading is nothing but buying and selling of commodities, securities and services expecting a profitable gain in monetary terms. Mentoring and reminding you about the rough edges of the stock market is the broker.

The Broker is nothing but an intermediary, he buys and sells stocks and securities on your behalf. He is considered the eyes, ears and nose of the stock market. If Google is God to IITians then a broker is God in disguise for the investors. Because of technological breakthrough, the role of a broker has been cut short due to online trading.

Online Trading

Online trading is a novel concept, contrived to enable individual investing and trading. There was a time when the traders and investors had to meet the broker at the stock market, which is known as floor trading. Several obstacles such as busy telephone lines, location constraints, miscommunication etc led investors to favour Online Trading Account India. Today there is no need to meet the broker in person, all you need is an online account and the brainpower to make rewarding decisions. The online trading company you are associated with automatically becomes your broker. For example, if you are trading via HDFC Securities, then this particular company will be representing you. Moreover when trading online, every piece of information necessary to make the right decision is displayed on the screen through charts, alerts, real time data and stock market news.

The above table aides you in selecting the best online broker and the best online trading account respectively. However it is important to consider certain points when scouting for the best online trading account. Factors like:

•             Quality information: the best online trading account will make sure you are being provided with real time information and the best online tools available.

•             Credibility: the online broking account needs to have the support of a well established and respected bank or a financial institution to guarantee the safety of your investment.

•             Service quality: the best online broker is the one that provides quick confirmations even during peak hours.

•             Customer support: The best trading account will have customer support in place to tend to your queries right when you have them.

Based on the above findings, Kotak Securities seems like the best broker in India. It has intelligently marked its place safely in the stock market. Kotak Securities cannot be termed as a risk taker nor as a numbers runner, it calculates its game and then shuffles it away.

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