Glynis Ross-Munro MA (South African Equivalent)

Learning and Development Expert

Glynis Ross-Munro Quick Facts

Main Areas: Inclusivity, 4-generation learning, sustainable learning, competency based learning, how teachers learn, operational management

Career Focus: Business Analyst, Instructional Designer, Speaker, Facilitator, Owner of Woman-Owned Small Business

Affiliation: ASTD, ISPI, International Business Summit

Glynis Ross-Munro, President of Competency and Performance Solutions ) is a training and business consultant. She has many years experience in analyzing training needs, designing learning interventions across a broad spectrum of business needs, and implementing business and managerial strategies.

Glynis has consulted for national and international companies, of all sizes and has three degrees in industrial psychology and educational psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand and the University of South Africa. She is qualified in competency-based training assessment and is based in Tampa, Florida.

Her company, Competency Performance Solutions, specializes in custom interactive and accelerated learning to meet the needs of a changing economy.