Something Should Pay Attention To When Tourism In German

Something Should Pay Attention To When Tourism In German

Germany has rich tourism resources, Rich in landscapes and natural scenery, Both the snow-capped mountains towering, high peak mountain, There are dense forests hills and mountains, More large and small lakes scattered, meandering rivers. Complement each other in Germany with this rich cultural heritage. Whether it is a beautiful castles, palaces, or the narrow streets, old houses in the Old City, There you leave the former residence of famous historical and cultural heritage, air max German history is witness. Since Germany on the natural environment and focus on the protection of historical monuments, These natural and cultural landscape are well preserved. Strolling is a pleasure.

In Germany, in addition to sightseeing style tour, there are many things to do. There are many diverse mountain hiking trails, paragliding and other extreme sports, During the winter, skiing and sledding snow project is very popular. Water quality of lakes in Germany are great, both boating, you can also swim in the permitted areas. In town, you can visit a variety of museums, Even science students will be ecstatic at the car museum and science and technology museum; You can listen to a Wagner opera in the magnificent opera house, Or concerts with renowned orchestras; You can warm chat in the beer garden, You can also sip wine on the Rhine until a little drunk, You can also use a cafe and a delicious cake,air max 90 spoil yourself. Not to forget that each of lively festivals, Cologne carnival spring, autumn Oktoberfest, winter Berlin New Year, It will make you forget yourself in the carnival crowd. Germany trip, you would certainly expect more rich and wonderful.

In Germany, a place worth visiting is widely distributed, both cities, there are mountain town. Want a clean sweep in one trip is not realistic, Rather than spend time on the road to run around in, it is better to slow down and have a choice, to savor.

In German tourist towns, both attractions, hotels or shops, restaurants, basic English communication is no problem. Due to the popularity of English education, English proficiency younger generation in Germany are good, there is no non-English speaking arrogant. So do not worry about language problems, you may also not be a German, with some basic English will be able to tour Germany. Moreover, ordinary German National People's Congress are relatively friendly,air max schweiz If you have trouble, you can try to help to the side of the Germans.

German bus and rail systems have been known to punctuality, but for various reasons, and now the punctuality rate has deteriorated. At the same time, German law and order in recent years has greatly declined. Therefore, do not superstition German punctuality and safety, Do your homework before the trip, but also set aside a certain flexibility in space travel program.

Germany also has strike. The greatest impact on the traveler, the transport system is on strike, Including city bus, train, air, etc., Its frequency, though not, as some other countries, but in recent years, every year, and often concentrated in the spring of March and April. Strike will usually be held in a few weeks before the announcement, there may be canceled at any time. Please pay attention to local conditions before traveling, you can get the latest news via online forums and other channels.

When the weather is nice, the German people are very fond of the park lawn, river or lake and the sun, Sometimes naked sun, called FKK (Freikorperkultur, celestial culture). Without surprise, respect local habits, do not crowd or intentional gaze, not to take pictures.

German cities, there is no Chinatown, so much Chinese food selection, authentic and cheap even less. If you have a Chinese stomach can do to prepare in advance. But still more is recommended to taste the local cuisine, In addition to German cuisine, as well as Italian, Greek dishes a lot of choice.

The average annual precipitation in Germany and changeable weather. Sunny day is not always there, the road is still very necessary to prepare umbrella.