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Alpha Consumer and Ice House rock Nicollet Avenue South Local rock trio Alpha Consumer giuseppe zanotti pumps lit up the room at Ice House on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis on Wednesday night. The event, part of a residency on the last Wednesday of each month, was presented in partnership with Minneapolis record label Totally Gross National Product. Drummer JT Bates (Fat Kid Wednesdays, The Pines, and giuseppe zanotti sale occasionally Marijuana giuseppe zanotti women sneakers Deathsquad, Coloring Time, Andrew Bird, and Dead Man Winter) worked his magic of executing time behind a modestly sized kit, compared to the flashy setups often seen in some rock groups. Mike Lewis mastered the energy of rock bassist, though he can frequently be seen around town and in cities across the US with a tenor sax strapped around his neck (Happy Apple, Fat Kid Wednesdays, Andrew Bird, Bon Iver). Guitarist and lead singer Jeremy Ylvisaker (Andrew Bird, Dosh, Guitar Party, The Cloak Ox, Gramma's Boyfriend) stood confidently and charismatically in his post downstage.

What happened next was beautiful: A performance energetically charged as only music can be when it's giuseppe zanotti women sandals for sale being played live by three people who have the years of history that these gentlemen do. As they rocked to 'shake shake shake shakian' the crowd responded obligingly and in abundance. Bates' time and groove were impenetrable, and Lewis' energy and phrasing masked the reality that he was playing only a giuseppe zanotti design outlet singular instrument. Ylvisaker's vocal range and ability don't jump out immediately, only because he does such an incredible job of grabbing his audience and slapping them across the face with spacefilling guitar effects, and melodies to which you immediately want to hum along. But it should be noted that he's no slouch for both giuseppe zanotti shoes for men vocal and guitar acrobatics. She's lived and worked in Dallas, New York City, and Boise, ID, and has one album of original music to her name, in addition to being a contributor to other artists' records across the jazz/pop/blues/rock spectrum. She now calls Minneapolis/St. Paul home (the place of her upbringing), and is working on material for a sophomore record. She loves music across all levels of sophistication from jazz and classical, to electronic and dance music, to folk and rock. A selfdescribed gypsy and dabbler, she has worked with such companies as Starlight Orchestras, and The Blue Note of New York, Fresco Arts Academy in Idaho, and various live event and advertising production houses across the US.