When I went, I found a box full of bulbs that were dead prudently waited until I deposited for recycling. I found the fragility of a filament that was poetic. In a surprising switch, it could break. And then this little tenuous thread that sheds light, it's something extraordinary. That is what I thought on seeing this big ugly tube while inside my bulbs. I find it vulgar with highly technical air. It takes all the space inside the bulb. Therefore I wanted to give a life that is second to these lightbulbs, it set a bit of poetry.And you also know how I could adore folding paper ...I like the idea of recovering the used bulbs, and turn them in a decorative item. It is possible to place many matters: glitter, photos, feathers ... I also made you a good tutorial for you to give free rein to your own imagination!Before you start: empty a lamp that is not really simplify ps but some precautionary measures are taken by it. Work with thick gloves and hold the lightbulb preferably by the nerve, we are dangerous from seeing the light bulb break. You avoid setting glass everywhere, when you work the bulb, then wrapping in bubble wrap if it breaks.Additionally working with goggles because there either, you're not safe from a piece flying. Besides attempting to work with a big office space for the fits of the part that is black are inclined to scatter.The hardest part will be to deploy the cranes inside the lightbulb. But with patience as well as a curved clip you get there! Feel free to leave the crane of the bulb when it becomes really too battered by your exploitation!To assemble this mobile I 'd two approaches to continue. Using a very thin wire I attached to the cable, I held the cranes in the bulbs for the first.Afterward I desired more mobile cranes in the ampoule that the wire didn't permit. I have consequently tied with nylon sliding a bead at the end to make weight. I modeled with holes in Fimo shuffleboard the heated paste is ordered by me on the bottom of the bulb. I made a loop with the cable using a clamp and I tied the nylon thread. I then spent the top of the cord to the puck Fimo and the pucks were stuck on by me. Make sure you adapt your sleeves to the diameter and variety of cables you will drag it.I chose to make use of because I had it, the polymer clay to seal the lights and hold everything. However, I think that have may use other kinds of paste that hardens including even other stratagems or outdoors to hold it all!