San Diego Journey Notes

I'm writing in the land of honey and palms. The land of perpetual mean light, broad roads is very few pedestrians. So long that it cost me $3 in taxi fare to wait for one to pass. San Diego is a city I Have known since I had been a young child. I have never enjoyed it. I still do not like this city. Because there are so few pedestrians, it is creepy. In Ny it does not matter what time of day or night it's there are people walking the sidewalks everywhere. Here the streets are eerily empty. I have never seen a downtown more devoid of individuals.What San Diego does have, and which I appreciate, is the food. The place to go for food is 5th Street in the gas lamp district. Within a ten block radius there must be at least 50 restaurants of each kind: Indian, Thai, pub food, fast food, Mexican, Persian, Retro American, Italian, and Irish. There is one place I Have found not in the gas lamp district that I actually appreciated. The food is mainly pedestrian but the beer is stellar: Karl Strauss. They brew their own beer and you also can find and fill growlers.Some traveling notes:People discount the guidance and required edicts of flight attendants. I find this disturbing when it's for everyone's security like "turn your electric devices off because they might interfere with the flight signals".500 West Hotel is ratty. There's a spot on the carpet in my room that looks like a pissing contest that is male. My first impression was Barton Fink without the classic charm that is delicious but considering all the awareness that things occur here behind closed doors. 6" heels are the new stocks. Heels are everything and most girls will not be good at walking within them.Tube top maxi-dresses are. In case you'd like to wear this style: wear underwear that is real with them, I've a word of advice. You'd think no one can see what is happening underneath a maxi-dress but your butt will shimmer and shake and - oh wait, you wore that so we'd be transfixed by your bum! Along this journey, I shot a lot of amazing photos that I could share with friends and family and I listened to music and recorded a few videos, so my phone' battery readily run out. However, I never worried about battery dying, because I took INNORI bank power with me; from dying several times, it saves my devices and I was so happy that I 'd it. A portable charger such as this is surely a travel necessity for everybody.INNORI Website: banks power,best portable charger, iphone 6 charging