The relationship between the vehicle and the price of auto parts

     At present, many factors which promote the price reduction of the auto parts have emerged. For example, the rapid growth in vehicle sales bring the auto parts’ mass production and domestic parts gradually replace imported parts, all of these will decrease in the cost of parts production. The entering of international manufacturers and other capital strengthen the accessories market competition and also promote the parts prices down. Unfortunately, the impact of the above factors are weaker than the vehicle manufacturers. Auto parts manufacturers mainly cooperate with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers, the price of auto parts in the 4S shop are mainly determined by vehicle manufacturers. When the vehicle manufacturers don’t feel the pressure from the consumer, they naturally won’t cut the price of spare parts.


     So, why the consumer did not give the vehicle manufacturer with enough pressure? The reason is not complicated. The proportion that the buyer buy a new car for the first time is very high. These people lack the experience of the car, so the key consideration of purchase is the vehicle price, brand and appearance design. However, for the use of the car cost and the price of spare parts , they pay little attention.
     This is the case, the price of auto parts can down, but it is when, this will depend on the degree of consumer maturity and competition between vehicle manufacturers . When more and more consumers gradually rich the experience in the car, the attention to parts prices will gradually rise, too. At the same time, the fierce market competition will force the vehicle manufacturers to obtain competitive advantages from all aspects, at that time, the vehicle manufacturers will automatically cut the price of the auto parts.
     The cost of buying a car is one-off defrayment, basically irreversible. But the cost of auto parts is uncertain, greedy and endless, so it must attract attention, especially, we should clearly understand this issue while we appeal against the extravagant profits of auto parts . Study automotive repair and try to find some tips. on Based on the quality guarantee of maintenance, we spend less and cause less difficult. At the same time, when buying a car, it is important to note the supply situation of that car’s auto parts.