Gift Ideas For The Father Who Loves Photography

Fathers’ Day is just around the corner and as much as dads are wonderful people who will accept any gift from their loved ones, it is good if you at least knock them off their feet and surprise them. For instance if your dad is a photographer then why not get him something along that line?

Everybody loves DSLRs cameras whether they are amateurs or professionals. This is because these cameras have image sensors that are of a high quality. They come with extra lenses and you can use them with other accessories to give you the best output in photography.

For the beginners

If your dad just started taking photos the other day then you will need to get him something at the entry level like the following:

Canon EOS Rebel SL1

This is not only the smallest but also the lightest DSLR currently. It has the eighteen megapixel APS sensor that is also in the Canon T5i. This camera is the best for dads who don’t want to carry a lot of gear around and still want to take good photos.

Sony SLT A58

This one comes with fifteen autofocus points and is good for continuous shooting thanks to its high frame rate. If your dad loves sports or anywhere where there is action then this should be his weapon of choice.

Nikon D3300

This is also a good camera for a beginner and its sensor is twenty-four mega pixels. It also has a Nikon Kit lens.

Now if your dad started taking photographs a while ago and he has gotten better then you will need to get him a mid-range DSLR camera.

Canon 70D

This camera  will allow your dad to go out and take photos in the rain since it has a weather sealing. The dual focusing system makes it great for making movies.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i

In the Rebel series, this has to be the best of the best. It has an LCD touchscreen, WIFI connectivity and Face detection autofocus. This is what you get your father when you know that he wants to advance his photography skills and go professional.

Nikon D5200

This camera comes with the same outstanding features as those in the Nikon 7100, which is more advanced but it does not have the same level of settings that are adjustable. It also has the best sensor for images

When dad has gone through these two levels then you surely have contributed to making him become a better photographer.