Various Duties And Responsibilities Of A Chartered Engineer

When you are about to export machinery, industrial equipment and spare parts from one country to another, you require proper certification of the goods. This certificate is required to be produced at various junctures of shipping and exporting procedure. The machine or parts go through a rigorous inspection and validation process before they are deemed fit to be shipped. This procedure becomes more stringent in case of used or refurbished machinery. There are several agencies and authorized boards those look after the inspection and certification process. Experienced engineers associated with these agencies or boards conduct the examination of these machinery and equipment.

Who is a chartered engineer

A Chartered Engineer is a professional who works independently in various disciplines of engineering. They may be certified members of various associations or boards for engineers. They may apply their expertise in various fields like inspection works, industrial jobs, maintenance of heavy duty pieces of machinery and equipment, etc. An engineer who is entitled to issue certifications is expected to have certain skills and attributes. He should be prudent in identifying a problem pertaining to any discipline of engineering and finding a suitable and quick solution to fix it. He should be able to apply various new and prevalent technology when and where need. He should also be keen on innovating, creating and altering approaches to different engineering issues. An experienced chartered engineer possesses good communication and interpersonal skills, leadership abilities. To be a certified inspecting engineer, he should have an adequate qualification and substantial experience in his domain.

Issuance of certification

If a company intends to import or export used and secondhand machine parts, industrial equipment etc., it seeks a valid certification by a Chartered Engineer. The engineer inspects the machinery thoroughly to make sure that it is usable. He delivers his opinion regarding the condition of the machine, its current and original valuation in the market, its balance life, etc. in the form of a Chartered Engineer’s Certificate. A company may contact an agency or firm that has on board certified engineers who may inspect the machinery and issue a stamped and signed certificate on the agency’s letter head.

Other certificates and licenses

This certificate is required before the shipment of the machine and also in the process of customs clearance. Some assignments may also look for advanced license like consumption certificates, utilization; wastage certificates, duty drawback statements, Export Promotional Capital Goods license. Apart from these, a Chartered Engineer may also issue certificates required by banks and financial institutions, customs and excise.

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A Chartered Engineer’s (CE) Certification is required to export old or used Plants and Machinery to India. It is mandatory to produce during customs clearance for such goods in India.