Prepare to observe the best film of the year. Star Wars The Force Awakens comes to a theatre near you.

Prepare to observe the year's best movie. Star Wars The Force Awakens comes to a theater near you.

In this rumored Episode VII storyline there's clear correlation to the "Force Awakens" subtitle. If Luke Skywalker has truly been missing for a while, then arguably the Jedi Order (and general knowledge of Force use) would have disappeared with him. With the Jedi any Inquisitor or Sith factions would be dormant; The Sith could be plotting from the shadows, while The Inquisitors would have little Jedi hunting.

If Luke suddenly resurfaces, as well as the characters played by Daisey Ridley, John Boyega and Gwendoline Christie all possibly show some hidden force powers (light or dark) - and if old villains are resurrected, as rumored - subsequently any and all those developments would fit into the idea of users of The Force "awakening" or making some type of come back after not having been in play for awhile.

Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VII Force Awakens Does Star Wars 7: Power Awakens Subtitle Prove Story Rumors?

With each official new detail, it appears like the exclusive- lemons could not have been snagging more gold nuggets than hounds that have been digging for Star Wars Episode VII gossips the past couple of months. The storyline placed above is appearing increasingly more episode vii trailer likely - and it doesn't sound that awful as we have been keeping all along.

What do you think about the Episode VII "Force Awakens" title? About the storyline rumored above? Are you enjoying the first regions of the brand new Star Wars shared universe such as the Rebels animated series? Let us know in the comments.