iCloud set to make Apple sing higher

Apple will kick off its perennial Worldwide Developers Conference with several big software releases including Apple's soon-to-be released cloud service iCloud. You can also expect the next update of its desktop and mobile platform, Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5.

AAPL has said previously that the focus of this year's Conference will be software, especially iOS and Lion. Those awaiting the next generation iPhone may be disappointed since many industry experts believe it will not be announced next week.

Therefore with that and this year's focus on software, look for all eyes to be on iCloud, which is Apple's soon to be announced cloud service for music.

Although not official, AAPL confirmed that iCloud will be a "cloud services offering," however, they stopped short of using the word "music" nor did they add any details.

The musical writing is on the wall given though since Apple has signed a licensing deal with EMI with additional deals with Sony and Universal right on the horizon.

So with AAPL going all in with digital music, the question is how well will it compete with Google and Amazon in the space?

Bloomberg Businessweek reported that iCloud from AAPL will be able to mirror a user's entire iTunes library for play on multiple devices. It also said that it could replace low-quality songs with better versions, automatically.

What we can also conclude despite that automation is that iCloud will be more expensive than "media locker" services from GOOG and AMZN.

So will people pay more for the version from AAPL? Well it may be packaged with their "MobileMe" service so that would make it an attractive aspect for existing Apple customers.

But the worst news for Google and Amazon in all of this is the rabid loyalty AAPL customers have for the company. Even if the iCloud offering is on par technologically with its peers, expect music aficionados to once again line up the block with their wallets out.

iCloud is set to take AAPL stock even further into the clouds.