Composting with Horse Manure - Aurora Gardening

The great thing about having horses and cleaning stalls daily, is thermal pollution effects not lacking in material for a compost pile.

We utilize a large heap or pile method, because we add a manure cart per day during the winter and turn with a tractor.

Our compost is slightly different than your household compost because of the large quantity of manure, hay and shavings that are added. Other items that can go into your compost pile are: leaves, small branches, cardboard, grass clippings, coffee ground, fruit and vegetables.

We have pond ecosystem our fresh from the barn pile: items in this pile are easily recognizable and the piles can get warm, thus we spread them out and do not add to the large pile for a month or so.

The large pile is less recognizable as horse manure, although the hay and some paper is still visible.

Turning the piles and rotating based on age helps to create the final pile that is ready for gardening.

While horse manure is not as hot, high in nitrogen as other forms and will generally not burn plants if put directly on the garden, composting it ensures that what you are utilizing for fertilizer wont harm your garden, but will provide good soil conditions and utilize a product that we have an abundance of.