Diaper Rash, Diaper Rash Diaper Rash...What to-do? How to proceed? How to proceed? Mom El for the Rescue!


Prior to the relief, lets find out more about Diaper Rashwhat can trigger it, how it can progress if untreated, and how to avoid secondary bacterial and fungal infections which can invade improperly maintained children soles.

The major cause of diaper dermatitis is just contact of urine on-the skin. Discover further on our affiliated URL by visiting go there. Between diaper changes, urine begins to break up in-to ammonia and other chemical by-products. Feces within the diaper area, between diaper modifications, can cause the rapid growth of bacteria and or fungus which can infect the already agitated diaper area.

Certainly, the break down of urine, its frequent connection with the skin, and resulting skin irritation, begins the all too common diaper allergy syndrome. It was believed that Pampers, Luvs and other disposable diapers will be a better response as opposed to common cloth diaper. The new diapers were greater. But diaper rash remains an all too persistent and difficult problem to deal withuntil Grandma Els Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention, anything else either didnt work too well, or didn't work at all.

The most crucial treatment in healing diaper rash is PREVENTION!

Prevent urine from getting into contact with the babys tender skin by putting a barrier on the skin that prevents urine and feces from contact with tender bottoms by barrier action. Grandmother Els, as its smoothed on babys diaper location (peri-anal) creates a barrier that allows the skin to breathe or respirate, while keeping moisture and other irritants from penetrating to the skin. This preventive action of Grandma Els is accompanied by a healing, soothing action to prevent the start of discomfort that produces Diaper Rash.