Retailing To Generate


We're all aware of how hard it's to get business contractors.

This is often tough...Even with all the best recruiting methods.

For me one of many better ways to find company builders is to Retail to Recruit.

Personally I believe your MLM business ought to be composed of 75-90 retail customers and 25% business builders.


Having more retail customers getting from you week after week, month after month, year after year creates that residual income all of us want. Browse here at the link home page to read the meaning behind it. Plus at this point you have an army of consumers that are spreading the word about your products. People will talk more freely about products that are succeeding for them, then they will about a small business opportunity.

In one case people feel they're sharing, in-the other they feel like they are offering (guess which one?).

When people talk about products and services they are sharing an event, when they are talking about a small business opportunity they feel like they are selling.

In my company we make good income with retail sales and business contractors. Professionally It is better to find retail customers than company contractors, as well as your income is generated faster. (of course that depends on your pay plan, for instance I get paid every week with mine).

Let me ask you a question.

You think it's better to introduce the concept to someone who is in love with your product/service they could have their own business or to someone who never tried your product or service?

Somewhat of the foolish question, because I know you know the solution.

Once some body is using you solution for about 30 days roughly. And before I continue I trust you've been in touch with your client to find out how he or she loves using your product. More importantly have they used your product at all.

You'd be astonished at how many people will buy a product and perhaps not use it.

If you do come across somebody who has not used your product don't say 'WHY NOT.'

Tell a story.

For instance, lets say you sell product XYZ and they have not put it to use yet and you called a person.

Me.. 'Hi Bob, this is Duffy how would you like XYZ'?

Bob.. 'Oh I've not tried it yet it is still inside the box, no time to busy'

Me.. 'I can connect with that Bob. I can fall asleep quicker and I woke up more refreshed and with more power and I'm having the sam-e feedback from my other customers also, when I first started using XYZ I started noticing a huge difference after only 3 days. I'll give you a call in couple of days and observe how you are doing. Speak to you then, have an excellent night.'

I didn't challenge him, I accepted his explanation and I proceeded to tell him a tale of how XYZ has helped me. Discover further on an affiliated portfolio by going to low priced sfjgroup. Do you think he's planning to leave your solution in the box for an additional day...I doubt it.

But even though h-e does, just keep telling stories of the items XYZ is doing for you and others