Stockholm is a beautiful destination and has lots of unique sights that will fascinate and captivate any first-time visitor. Art, music, architecture, shopping, scenery, and some of the most modern accommodation options are available. The city has an energy and buzz about it along with a sense of history and plenty of trendy and chic places to try traditional Swedish cuisine.

Flying into the Swedish capital you are struck instantly by how it looks like no other city you've ever seen as it seems to float over 14 separate islands, once you land you'll soon discover how much of city life is centered around the water. A destination of diversity with castles and medieval architecture alongside contemporary buildings, it has a dynamic pub scene, and original fashion and designs to spend your money on.

Come and join us for great corporate events and private sailing tours in these unique waters, just east of Stockholm, in northern Europe.

26.000 peaceful islands, small extremely beautiful bays, narrow sounds and genuine fishing huts lay quietly, awaiting your arrival.

Offering sailing tours and sailing events around stockholm, Sweeden.