Bugaboo Prams - A Brief Overview Of The 4 Models by Neill Thompson

Bugaboo prams have become some of the most sought after prams for parents and babies the world over. While it was popularized by celebrities back in 1999 when it first came out, its since become the pram of choice for urban parents who need something that is flexible, functional and that looks good. There are currently 4 models available and each have its own unique focus and depending on your needs you will find that a least one model fits your budget and your needs. A stroller is a significant investment and what makes Bugaboo special is the fact that their design is so robust and durable. Lets quickly look at the 4 different models and its unique features.

1. Bugaboo Bee

This is the most economical Bugaboo pram and is designed for parents on the move. Its compact, lightweight (only 17lbs) and very easy to handle. If you travel a lot then this is ideal. It also comes with the usual features like suspension and reversible handle bars.

2. Bugaboo Frog

This is the original and still the most popular. It got its name from the unique wheel design with 2 larger wheels at the front and 2 smaller wheels at the back which allows it to jump over sidewalks and curbs without any trouble. Along with the suspension its ideal for parents in urban areas and if you look at all the accessories then you can customize it for any weather conditions as well.

3. Bugaboo Cameleon

The Cameleon is based on the Frog but comes with a lot of extras that enhances the flexibility. The seat can easily transform into a bassinet which means you can use it as both a pram and a stroller. It has a heavier weight capacity and the suspension is adjustable to accommodate different loads (if you have to carry luggage with you).

4. Bugaboo Donkey

This is the latest model and the first Bugaboo double stroller. What makes it so unique is that its a double that has three configurations. It can be used as a single, as a side-by-side double or as a back to front which is ideal for parents with a baby and a toddler.Are you looking for Bugaboo prams? See my blog to read more about the new Bugaboo Donkey...