Japanese Household Appliances Were Introduced Technical Standards And Iec

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Products Safety Act ", the technology for PSE certification standards based on two sets: a set of local standards in Japan (" No. 1 "standard); set a reference to IEC standards and national differences with the Japanese standard, also known as J standards or "No. 2" standard. Japanese Economy and Industry (METI) in a recognized third party certification bodies range, would authorize the use of certified products is indicated next to "No. 1" or "No. 2" standard, the general Japanese foreign institutions tend to J standards. Testing and certification bodies are also reflected, as the Japanese market surveillance of electrical products, general sampling by Japanese standards (criterion 1) implementation, often through the J companies in the domestic standard, sold to the Japanese market sample Shiyou pass criteria 1 . Shows that it is "electrical supplies Security Act," the implementation of a defect, the certification body the proposed use of Enterprise No. 1 criteria, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Household appliances were used in the standard J J60335 series standards (electrical safety), J55014-1 (electromagnetic interference) J1000 (remote control), J2000 (long-term use of the product labeling), J3000 (accident prevention). In the March 18, 2002 J released the first standard, J60335 series of standards for the H14 version; By September 11, 2009, METI website J standard was updated at this time J60335 series standard version for the H20, Another addition to electrical safety, EMC and remote control standards, an increase of long-term use of product labeling and safety standards to prevent accidents.

1. Major appliances in the J standard


major household appliances and the corresponding IEC standards for standard text as follows:

Product Standard JIS C J corresponding IEC standards for standard text

General safety requirements

J60335-1 (3 Edition-H14) No, there is another paper IEC60335-1: 1991 + A1: 1994 + A2: 1999

J60335-1 (4 edition-H20) JIS C 9335-1:2003 IEC 60335-1:2001

Vacuum J60335-2-2 (H20) JIS C 9335-2-2:2004 IEC 60335-2-2:2002

Iron J60335-2-3 (H20) JIS C 9335-2-3:2004 IEC 60335-2-3:2002

Centrifuge J60335-2-4 (H20) JIS C 9335-2-4:2004 IEC 60335-2-4:2002

Dishwasher J60335-2-5 (H20) JIS C 9335-2-5:2004 IEC 60335-2-5:2002

Fixed stoves, grills, ovens J60335-2-6 (H20) JIS C 9335-2-6:2004 IEC60335-2-6: 2002

Washing machine

J60335-2-7 (H20) JIS C 9335-2-7:2004 IEC 60335-2-7:2002

Shavers, hair clippers J60335-2-8 (H20) JIS C 9335-2-8:2004 IEC60335-2-8: 2002

Toaster, oven J60335-2-9 (H20) JIS C 9335-2-9:2004 IEC60335-2-9: 2002

Tumble dryers J60335-2-11 (H20) JIS C 9335-2-11:2004 IEC60335-2-11: 2002

Electric hot plate J60335-2-12 (H20) JIS C 9335-2-12:2005 IEC 60335-2-12:2002

Deep fryers, frying pans J60335-2-13 (H20) JIS C 9335-2-13:2006 IEC60335-2-13: 2002

Kitchen Machine (


, Mixers, etc.) J60335-2-14 (H20) JIS C 9335-2-14:2005 IEC 60335-2-14:2002

Liquid heaters (

Electric kettle

, Electric coffee makers, rice cookers, etc.) J60335-2-15