The greatest value laptop man will ever know,ASUS N550 15-Inch Laptop


 I didn't think I'd use it to be honest. I felt like it would be one of those cheap, meizusemi-responsive, fury-inducing gimmicks that I've seen all too much in other touchscreen models. Well, it's not, in fact it's amazing. It's incredibly responsive and smooth to the touch. I use it often to scroll through long webpages with my thumb or I use the swipe "back" gesture to traverse through my history, which is very handy.

  The trackpad itself it good, not great. That's not to say it is bad by any means. cheapest meizuThe trackpad feels fine but it's the clicking I have an issue with. You can only really tap mid-left for left click and mid-right for right click. If you try pressing down on the far left or right of the trackpad, you will notice it feels stiff and unresponsive. I've turned off mostly all the gestures as I'm not a fan, but overall the trackpad does it's job. Best thing about any trackpads is if you don't like it, you can just use a mouse.

 The keyboard is usually my make-or-break component since it's obviously the most usedmeizu mx4. I previously owned a Sager I ordered online and instantly hated it when I began to type on it because of it's raised, paper-thin plastic with deep grooves in the center of each key. It wasn't for me. These keys are solid and responsive, though there is a little give and bend when you push towards the center of the board, it's not the greatest laptop keyboard of all time, but it is certainly not a detriment to the overall quality.